Sunday, February 10, 2013

Most wanted Jailbreak Apps & Games for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and AppleTV



A few Carriers don't allow for online Tethering. On TetherMe, that limitation is lifted and you are able to freely lead your online on your additional devices. It is easy to find on Cydia


It is a large repository of apps as jailbroken Apple devices. A lot of the apps enrolled under could be installed applying Cydia.



It is a Lucas artworks risky venture game engine emulator that will grant you to act old Lucas Arts risky venture games on advanced Hardware. The touch screen on iPads and iPhones builds them the complete part of software package for these kinds of "point-and-click" games.

iPhone Doom

Classic Federal Protective Service, computable on whatever Doom WAD, easy to find on Cydia for free download.


It was pulled by the app storage, but is easy to find to jailbroken iPhones. VLC is presently easy to find on Cydia free to download.

NES Emulator

However almost reliving the glory weeks of video gaming on a Nintendo amusement organization emulator as your iPhone? Abide by the link above to establish it & get prepare for some pure nostalgia.


XBMC is the elemental media player. It is smooth extremely compatible on media arranges, and cross platform. Front over to the XBMC internet site as full inside information, and check into the link under to download them for your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV!


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