Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to get Android apps close

Not only Android phone device down some running in the background all users of Android applications precious battery life, slow down and chew also always know is the current Android. Please do not use the memory then, of may save life battery running all applications to close.


# Android to unlock, press the "menu" button.

# Press the "Settings" menu.

# Now go to "Application tabs".

# At first click "manage applications"

# Choose "running" at the cover of the application window.

# Now, see the list of working applications.

# If you shut down the application, choose the first app which you would like to end.

# Click "force stop" > "back" buttons; select now your following app.

# To stop any applications that you want continue list below.

Tips and warnings

Application of another great AppControl, jkAppSwitch, TasKiller, and Task Manager program is closed for installation to find a market for them only.

To running your app, just click back. That'll be back to you in the home screen.


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