Monday, January 21, 2013

Top 10 online games you can play

In your professional life, you need a break. You can do anything to refresh your mind. The best choice is play games in your PC. A lot of games are found in market. And also there is a big collection stay in online. You can choose anyone to play for entertainment. Some examples are given below to choose which the best……is…..

Trivia Machine

To play Trivia Machine you can test your knowledge. Like movies, history, music that you can choose. And also choose some different item such as elementary, scholar or genius.

Funky Truck

To spend your time by climbing big size hills and bouncing across bumps, you can play Funky Truck. You find a monster truck for race and get points. This game will give you much entertainment.


Quad is "Tetris-like" games. You will enjoy playing this puzzle games.


Puppy Curling

Puppy Curling is a funny game which entertained you to fun with pups.

Udder Insanity

You play also Udder Insanity game for entertainment.

Free Fall

In Free Fall games, you need to navigate a skydiver to find his way in clouds. You can use mouse to play this game.

Speed Racing

Speed Racing is a racing game. It is a well graphics game. You also enjoy playing this game.


Many of categories you can choose one to play Hangaroo game. Actually it is a word puzzle game between Wheel of Fortune and hangman.

Beetle Buggin

To play game in office, Beetle Buggin is a better choice. In this game you need to navigate a bug over messy desk.


Monkey Island

Monkey Island is a game where you need to give a save island for monkey.

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