Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 5 Facebook Games for user


Top 5 Facebook Games

Facebook has many popular games. Some are especially attractive to all. Top 5 Facebook games are given below…

FarmVille 2:


FarmVille 2 is the most popular game in Facebook. It is popular for its quality, graphics, everybody. You can justice to see its global monthly active users.
FarmVille 2 has about 61,900,000 global monthly users.

Texas HoldEm Poker:

Texas HoldEm Poker is also popular to users. It is now at 2nd place for its global monthly active users. It is popular for its quality.
Texas HoldEm Poker has about 33,000,000 global monthly active users.

Bubble Safari:


In bubble games, Bubble Safari is one of the best selections to all. It is one of the most popular games in this time. It has also many monthly active users. They like to play it in online.
Bubble Safari has about 25,100,000 global monthly active users.



Now-a-days, ChefVille are popular day by day. In 2012, its popularity has growth rapidly.
ChefVille has about 24,700,000 global monthly active users.

Zynga Slingo:

The number of monthly active users, Zynga Slingo is under ChefVille. Zynga Slingo is also the best game in Facebook.
It has about 20,700,000 monthly active users.

Popular Facebook Games with Global Monthy User

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